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What To See At Cobblestone Cottages

NEW! 1001 Ideas to Paint on Fabric, Plus Tips, Techniques and Tools 100s of paint fabric and ideas to paint on shirts and clothes

Two Free Paint Patterns

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Thousands of paint pattern combinations

These photos are all part of our
new downloadable paint pattern sets packages

Also see our
1001 Ideas To Paint On Fabric
downloadable book

Download two free paint patterns from this page!

Example, to duplicate the butterfly and pansy design at the top of this page, you would need four paint patterns from our Pansy Set. Here are two as our gift.

If you purchase one of the Pansy Paint Pattern Sets, you would have immediate access to 13 full size paint patterns and examples of how they were used to create four designs on tee shirts. These paint patterns can all be mixed and matched for 100s of design options.

Each pattern has a traditional line drawing and a matching color photo pattern. The line drawing and the photo pattern are both to be used for tracing. If you want to print out onto heat transfer paper, use the line drawing versions. The color photo helps give you ideas on colors, shading and embellishments.

In addition, download our 1001 Ideas to Paint On Fabric, Plus Tips, Tools and Techniques for Garment Painting and Design

It's here!

Over 100 Paint Patterns, Video Clips, and 1001 Ideas how-to book, all on one CD!

 Fabric Painting on Shirts and Garments

  • Printable paint patterns in mix and match jpg format you can adjust to the size you need before you print out your pattern. Create well over 1001 designs!
  • Short video clips that will play on your computer screen to show you technique!

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