Paint Cement Patio Floors to look like Cobblestones - Decorative Faux Art Painting to Create Cobblestones on Concrete

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What To See At Cobblestone Cottages

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Cement and concrete can be easily painted to look like a cobblestone courtyard.

Shown here is a floor I did in Claremont, California,

The homeoweners are thrilled that paint has lasted. At their first showing, their friends asked, "How did you find the rocks? How did they cut them so thin?!" They thought there were real cobblestones on the floor!

There are 3 types of paint you can use to create cobblestones on a cement patio floor.

  • Concrete Cement Paint
  • Cement Stain
  • Garage Floor Paint on Cement

I do not suggest the cement patio paint. It does not last.

Before and After Cobblestone Painting Technique to Paint a Cement Patio Floor


The same decorative painiting technique I show you how to do